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If your doors are open, you should be advertising! 

Running a business in today’s world is more exciting – and challenging – than ever before. Often, practices that have worked for decades suddenly flounder while new ideas pull ahead. The rules for marketing and reaching consumers in Western Tidewater are being rewritten as we speak.  Our team puts customers first and our community is a top priority every day! We help businesses grow using the full range of today’s media. This includes radio, digital, events, on-demand content, streaming for mobile devices, social media management and more. Our goals for you are determined by your needs. No other local media can give you more affordable reach, frequency, and consistency.

Radio reaches both now and future buyers.  Someone who doesn’t need your product or service today may need it tomorrow, next month or six months from now.   If you have Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA), whenever someone is ready for what your business offers, they will think of you first when the time comes for purchase consideration. Appealing to your target audience requires a strong foundation in branding and precise messaging.  Radio and digital advertising can give you both.

What does branding mean?   It means establishing an emotional connection to your audience, as well as a way to define who you are, and what you do.  Simply put, branding is a way to communicate your image. What does your brand mean to consumers?   With radio and digital branding, it’s less about the product and more about the feeling and connection associated with it.   

WLQM-FM helps companies of all sizes develop strong business identities and align messaging for powerful communications strategies. Turning your great business into a memorable local brand with increased loyalty. Branding can be established through several different types of campaigns including:

  • :15 and :30 audio commercial campaigns 
  • Feature, Segment or Program Sponsorships
  • Banners ads and/or leaderboard ads on this website and our mobile app
  • :15 second audio/video pre-rolls (the video or audio message that plays before programming begins) on station audio players, such as this website, our mobile app or a smartspeaker.
  • Custom and Unique Contests and Promotions – a campaign and contest specifically geared to drive products or services into listeners’ hands and increase engagement via a contest or giveaway


We offer customized marketing plans for your business that are heard by 40,000(+) listeners every week. These consumers are located in the WLQM-FM marketing area comprising the City of Franklin and Southside Suffolk; the counties of Southampton, Southern Isle of Wight, Sussex, along with  Gates and Hertford Counties in NC.

Our team of advertising experts can walk you through what your customized radio branding strategy should include and develop a budget friendly solution. We love helping local businesses reach goals, grow, and become household names. 

Ready to get started?   So are we. Complete the form below for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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