Doug Morgan


Mon-Fri 3PM-7PM

Sat 8AM-1PM


My Sign: Libra

My Pets: Abbey, Luka, and Layla

Favorite Artist/Band: George Strait, Tim McGraw, Chris Stapleton, too many to mention here

Favorite Charity: Feed the Children

Doug Morgan began his career at the age of 4 at the dining room table of his home in Roanoke, VA. However, talking into a paper towel cone was not as satisfying as he thought it would be. He told his family members that one day he would be a DJ and they laughed and thought it was similar to wanting to be an astronaut. Still, his love of radio continued undaunted throughout his teen years when he finally landed his first on-air position in Rocky Mount, VA at the age of 16. Since then, Doug has worked in radio and television in Virginia, New York, and Los Angeles.

Today, he and his family have a small farm in Suffolk, where they raise goats, chickens, and have three active dogs (to help keep Doug in shape!)  Doug and his family are also very involved in their church here in Franklin.